Cubist sculpture
Just like in painting, cubist sculpture is rooted in the reduction by Paul Cezanne of drawn objects to compound planes and geometric bodies (cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones). And just…

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Joyful heavy metal and mad rabbits. New painting from Silesia
Starting from the 50s of the last century in Upper Silesia three associations of artists acted in turn, each of which excelled the previous one in eccentricity. Even in the…

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Spanish painting. Modern period
Over the centuries, Spanish artists began to move away from traditional painting styles towards more abstract and freer styles. Plots became more obscure, reaching its peak in the direction of…

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City Pictures

The world of colors and romance of urban everyday life. The plots are diverse, inspiring authors to create pictures of cities in the world. The city is beautiful in the light of night lamps, and in the rays of the bright sun. A stranger swiftly swept through the puddles. But the first autumn leaf circled over the tiled roofs, personifying the inevitable change of seasons.

You are presented with oil paintings depicting the city and city streets.

There are as many plots as there are creative ideas in the thoughts of a talented author, and each of them can become a pretext for creating a real masterpiece – a charming canvas, ready to become a real decoration of your living room, bedroom, hallway.

City landscape – go to the catalog

The city in the paintings of modern authors is one of the favorite storylines, highlights of landscape painting of today. If in the works of our contemporaries the originality of the current historical moment is most fully reflected, the pictures of old cities help to get closer to the feeling of how they were dozens, and possibly hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Masterpieces with the appearance of residential agglomerations and the images of people living in it become the property of history, and bring unique charm and charm to our interior.

Paris, Paris

It is difficult to find a city on Earth that meets the aspirations of the world’s artists more than Paris. The world capital of love and passion, Paris, captured on the canvases of modern painters and paintings of old masters, is always magnificent. Pictures of the modern city and landscapes of masters of the past, dedicated to Paris, invariably find their adherents on all five continents.

Paris. View of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine

Landscapes of Paris – go to the catalog

The eternal symbol of Paris – the Eiffel Tower, the majestic Notre Dame de Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, the banks of the Seine, the endless number of quiet Parisian streets, squares, bridges, architectural monuments in the paintings of artists are not just impressive, they open up a second wind.

Italian landscape

Italy – the birthplace of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo, gave the world the Renaissance. The creations of the great masters of the past, which have come down to us in grandiose in design and unique in their embodiment of canvases, frescoes, sculptural and architectural compositions, are an excellent incentive for artists of our day to improve their skills. And Italy itself gives inspiration, as if created for creativity.

Grand Canal. View of the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute

Landscapes of Venice – go to the catalog

Pictures of city streets with views in Italy, and, first of all, Rome, Milan and Venice do not go unnoticed by lovers of the romantic genre. The atmosphere of the holiday prevailing at the Venice Carnival, the narrow streets paved with white stone in the paintings of Italian cities, the town hall and the basilica, the marvelous nature and, of course, the fiery Italians on the canvases of artists of the past and today do not cease to delight us.

English motives

Pictures of the evening city and the old woman of England, the cradle of Europe, are not deprived of the attention of artists working in the genre of urban landscape. London, Baker Street, Tower, Big Ben, the Thames neighborhood, Her Majesty’s residence, dimensionally swaying cabs, indigenous Englishmen dawning through the fogs that this autumn is famous for, are imbued with a special charm in the pictures of cities with views of England.

Someone is attracted to the spirit of the past in the urban landscape, someone is looking for and finds inspiration for themselves in evening paintings, and someone likes paintings with skyscrapers or City paintings.

Pictures of cities in the interior

The landscapes in these paintings are as diverse as the cities themselves. Hand-made by the master, paintings with architecture will allow you to make a fascinating journey to distant lands, rush through time, fill your life with a new perspective.

Dutch landscape – go to the catalog

Having picked up the work to the tone of the interior, and the plot to your favorite mood, you can, admiring the picture of a night city, a quiet park or a pond, leave your traces of accumulated stresses when you want to.

How to order

In our online art workshop you can buy a picture of the city at night, a city picture, a picture with a skyscraper or architectural monuments, as well as views of the world famous landmark and many other paintings with city landscapes made in any genre. Depending on your wishes and preferences, you can choose a picture of the city for the interior, made in the Baroque, Art Nouveau, cutting-edge high-tech and any other.



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