"Where Van Gogh Breathes the Stars ..."
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4th century Florentine painting
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Office decoration. Interesting ideas

Most people can safely say that a significant part of their lives goes to work. This is important to consider when arranging an office space, because the working atmosphere and comfort of employees directly affect the speed and efficiency of their tasks, ensuring the success of the company – and hence its income.

A picture will help bring coziness into workdays and add bright accents. The color palette and plot affect a person, adjusting him to a certain mood. A competent choice of a painting will benefit not only your employees, but also create the right impression of the company.

Copies of Van Gogh’s paintings emphasized the yellow color in the interior and added a bright accent to the office space.

In our gallery you will find options for any style of office space: urban plots and natural landscapes, bold abstractions and modular paintings. More than 1,500 oil paintings on canvas are available, and it is also possible to paint to order.

There is no universal formula for selecting paintings – everything is individual. For example, natural or city landscapes, as well as copies of famous artists: Shishkin, Levitan or Monet, are suitable for an office in a classic style. They will organically look in any room, fitting into the general concept of classic offices and emphasizing their style.

A copy of the painting by I. I. Shishkin “Oak Grove” was selected for the office in the classical style.

A great option for a modern office is abstraction. Such a picture will refresh the room and add a twist to even the most minimalistic interior. The advantage of this choice is that abstractions have a lot of variations, which allows you to find the exact picture that fits perfectly into your interior.

The abstraction from Brian Dupree fit perfectly into the minimalistic interior of the office.

For open spaces, such as “coworking” or “open space”, large-format options or modular paintings are suitable: diptychs, triptychs. It can be a bold abstraction, voluminous flowers or a picture in the unusual Ebru technique. Pictures improve the atmosphere, add originality and comfort even to the most ascetic interior.

Delicate irises from Leah Gomesh and a strict office interior. The painting adds a touch of freshness and lightness to the classic office space.

If you are looking for paintings in a room where traffic is constantly taking place, for example, a reception room or a hall, then city landscapes are a good choice. Works that portray the very “movement” will be originally looked. For example, running horses. Such paintings correspond to the mood of space, but do not distract attention, being a reminder that “movement is life, and life is movement.”

Painting S. Kamsky in the meeting room. An excellent solution to maintain the dynamics and pace of work.

When choosing paintings in the manager’s office, first of all, you need to focus on his personal preferences. You can select hobby-related stories, such as hunting, fishing or traveling. Pictures with mountain landscapes, with sailboats and yachts, pictures with airplanes and cars and dynamic abstractions are perfect.

An interesting option would be to post pictures in the office that emphasize the scope of your company. For example, for a company associated with construction, architectural landscapes or geometric abstractions will be a harmonious addition.

An example of the interior, where the scope of the company is emphasized by the large-format work of Christina Weaver with the image of the Empire State Building.

If you have any questions or are in doubt about the choice, the art consultants of the Artworld.ru gallery will help in selecting paintings for your interior and will come to your office to try on paintings. It is in the interior that the picture can unfold and become a real decoration of the office, its “highlight”. The on-site display of paintings allows you to better see and feel the work, look at them when covering your workspace, consult with colleagues and make the final choice.

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