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Portraiture from a photograph
Any interaction often also involves mutual use. If a photograph initially perceived such picturesque structures as a composition and a system of genres, so that “the first person who saw…

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Installation and Object, as forms of contemporary art
“I saw cats without smiles, but a smile without a cat ...” - Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”. The situation with contemporary art, starting from the 20th century, resembles the…

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Pop Art
Pop art (popular art from popular art) is a trend that first emerged in modernist fine art, and then in various areas of mass culture of the 20th century. Pop…

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In 1879, wall paintings from the Paleolithic era were first discovered in the Altamira cave in northern Spain, in the province of Santander. Scientists have found that on the stone walls of the cave there are several archaeological layers. The earliest drawings were made more than 18 thousand years ago!
Cantabria. The Altamira Cave On the ceiling of the Altamira Cave more than 15 thousand years ago, primitive artists depicted more than 150 drawings: bison, horses, deer, wild boars and sorcerers of a half-human, half-animal appearance. At the same time, each animal is painted perfectly, with the necessary expression: for example, the bison are depicted as grazing, running, lying or wounded. But there is no general composition, so many images overlap one another. Rock paintings were also found in other parts of the cave, which stretches underground for almost 380 m. Some of the drawings left on the ceilings of its low corridors are more Continue reading

The most famous muses of great artists. The artist and his muse

Simonetta Vespucci (Simonetta Dei Cattanei)
Beloved Sandro Botticelli
The wife of Marco Vespucci, whose brother, Amerigo, gave his name to America, discovered by Christopher Columbus.
The great artist Sandro Botticelli immortalized the beauty of Simonetta on his canvases. She is depicted in the center of almost every one of them, be it the Birth of Venus, Spring, or the Adoration of the Magi. Behind every female appearance one can feel the only one – the look of Simonetta, with whom he was hopelessly and unrequitedly in love.
Simonetta herself never saw his paintings – she died on April 26, 1476. She was no more than 23 years old. Sandro Botticelli will be buried at the feet of Simonetta 34 years after her death.

Sandro Botticelli Paintings
Elena Fourman. Peter Paul Rubens
Elena Fourman
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The most high-profile crimes in art

1911 year.
Theft of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
On August 21, 1911, the painting was stolen by an employee of the Louvre, the Italian master of mirrors Vincenzo Perugia.
A year earlier, the director of the Louvre, Theofil Omol (who had resigned shortly after the theft), stated that the assassination of Mona Lisa was just as likely as an attempt to steal the bells of Notre Dame.
The purpose of this abduction is not clear. Perhaps Perugia wanted to return the “Mona Lisa” to its historical homeland, believing that the French “kidnapped” it and forgetting that Leonardo himself brought the painting to France.
Searches undertaken by the police did not bring any results. The borders of the country were closed, the museum administration was dismissed. The poet Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime and later released. Pablo Picasso was also under suspicion.
The painting was found only two years later in Italy – and the thief himself was the fault, who responded to an Continue reading


Watercolor (from Italian. Aquarello) – means painting with water-based paints.

There are several varieties of watercolor techniques:

dry – painting on dry paper, with drying of each layer of paint before applying the subsequent
raw, wet watercolor, alla prima – painting on raw paper

Alla prima (ala prim) (derived from Italian. Alla prima – at the first moment) is a type of oil and watercolor painting technique that provides for the painting (or its fragment) to be completed in one session, without prior registration and under-painting.


Airbrushing is a technique of painting with an airbrush (in translation, an air brush is a device for thinly spraying paint with compressed air) using a stencil. Continue reading


There is a huge variety of styles and trends in the visual arts. Often they do not have clearly defined boundaries and smoothly pass from one to another, being in continuous development, mixing and counteraction.
Within the framework of one historical artistic style, a new one is always born, and that, in turn, passes into the next, etc. Many styles coexist at the same time and therefore there are no “pure styles” at all.

Abstractionism (from lat. Abstractio – removal, distraction) – the direction of art, abandoned the approximate reality of images of forms in painting and sculpture. One of the goals of abstractionism is to achieve harmony, to create certain color combinations and geometric shapes in order to evoke various associations in the contemplator. The main representatives of abstractionism were: Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944), Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

Abstract impressionism is the direction of abstract art in which free abstract compositions are created with a large brushstroke. The meaning of the image was to reflect the psychological state of the artist and his character.
Masters of Abstract Impressionism: Jackson Shelves, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Lee Krasner Continue reading

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Painting, a type of fine art, artwork, which is created using paints applied to any hard surface. Like other forms of art, painting performs ideological and cognitive tasks, and also…


Chinese painting, including Guohua, contemporary
Chinese painting is one of the oldest uninterrupted art traditions in the world. Painting in a traditional style is known today in Chinese as guóhuà (國畫 T, 国画 S), which…


Picasso Pablo
He studied with his father, H. Ruiz, at the schools of fine arts in La Coruña, Barcelona and at the Madrid San Fernando Academy, carried away by French art, familiar…


Painting, a type of fine art, artwork, which is created using paints applied to any hard surface. Like other forms of art, painting performs ideological and cognitive tasks, and also…